The Best Resources for IT Managers

Ever Wonder Where the Best IT Resources Live ?

We've scoured the NET looking for the best resources for IT and although, there are thousands (millions), we think we've found some of the best.  Without further TODO, here is our short, but straightforward list:
First and foremost, as an O'Reilly writer, I have to suggest looking toward OnLAMP or at least, look toward my trusted friends at O'Reilly for the best books on the planet.... but if you're looking for hard to find, quick snippets of code, that will get you moving quickly... look no further than the links below.  Soon, we'll put a search box here for everybody to use.

Joel On Software  Founder of Stack Exchange, Joel has authored a marriage of sites on IT, Server and Software support for just about anybody who needs help... literally.  His teams great sacrifices have lead to a recent investment opportunity of USD$40Million !  That's a LOT of money and downright BIG... at least by our books.

Here's the Short, But Sweet Little List:
O'Reilly Online
O'Reilly Onlamp
Joel On Software
Stack Overflow
Server Fault
Stack EXchange
Super User

So if you're looking for IT resources, BookMark This Page Now and come back here often to check it out!