Information Security & System Management
We believe your most valuable asset is your digital information and our job is to protect it.... With over 20+ years experience with the Information Security sector, UnixWorx Systems, will deliver a model based on very specific standards by building a compatible system that suits your infrastructure.

We begin by understanding your platform; this could be a wide scale project or something as simple as a rack mounted server. First and foremost, we identify the weaknesses in your system that includes anything from weak passwords to a poorly administered file-system or improperly set permission levels throughout that system. Computer Security VancouverNext, we look at your network structure / resources and determine that, say for instance, a firewall is required in place, or the firewall you have may not be configured correctly, or at all! A firewall is only as good as the people who administer it - and in order for them to do their job, they need a stable, robust platform to work with. We rely upon Cisco & Barracuda Firewall Products for our network security and Barracuda Backup for Offsite Data Protection.

Step Out of the Public Cloud and into The Private Cloud Protect your assets and secure your data. Step out of the Public Cloud and Privatize your Data Today! Private cloud storage is a type of cloud computing that delivers similar advantages to public cloud, only privately... on your terms, not the terms set forth by a Cloud Provider.

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