High Interoperability Server Platforms

NetBSD  is the most modern, open platform, opensource server platform in the World.  It surpasses anything any other varient of *Unix has ever done, with a stack that allows it operate on nearly any type of hardware environment. 

Understanding Your Application First, we need to understand your NETBSD application, or what you plan on doing with it. Do you, or will you be running Databases, Email, Web Servers, Content Management (like Drupal) or is it being used as a firewall/router? Each application will have a very specific requirement and specialized set of skills. In General Terms, our Fee Policy for remote access, using SSH, is based on hourly, monthly and annual rates. We provide onsite service in Canada, United States, Europe, Central America and Asia.

Our customers use NETBSD in the following industries:
Web Hosting and Content Management Systems
News Papers and Media Publishing
Consulting and Business Management
Peer to Peer Games & Entertainment
Film and Movie Industry Travel & Tourism

Additionally, here's a few more examples;
Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) find NETBSD ideal, running WWW, FTP, Email, and other services such as DNS. Ready-to-run software like the Apache web server or the FTP server make it easy to set up a business or community-centered ISP. Of course, with FreeBSD's unbeatable networking, your users will enjoy high speed, reliable services. Databases such as MySQL and PostGreSQL run extremely well on FreeBSD thanks to it's 4.4 BSD Kernel. Networking. From packet filtering to routing, FreeBSD can turn any server into an Internet firewall, email host, print server, server, and more. Domain Name Servers We run our DNS servers on FreeBSD. Combined with the excellent, resilient kernel and process handling, DNS Systems running BIND 8 & 9 run in a true chrooted environment, adding an additional layer of security to a system dependent application. Software development. A suite of development tools comes with FreeBSD, including the GNU C/C++ compiler and debugger. Java® and Tcl/Tk development are also possible. We look forward to helping you.