Ubiquiti Wireless - New Products that Rock! !

At UnixWorx Systems, we're always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in wireless networks and we're pretty sure we've found the end-all answer with new products from Ubiquiti Networks.
Ubiquiti Networks WiFi and Antenna Products


One of the most important aspects of Point to Point Links & Meshed Wireless Networks is the ability to time each reference point (AP) accurately, so that the "hand off" time is synchronized with the master controller.  Ubiquiti is one of few products that stand up to that promise and one that we rely upon every day.  From carrier grade wireless (WiFi) , 8X8 MIMO Carrier Grade Backhaul to GPS enabled Point to Point synchronization, there has never been a better product than Ubiquiti. 

Multi Mode Antenna - 4 Antennas in One

Paired with the EdgePoint for Superior Performance

The EdgePoint provides powerful configuration features, including radio-link load balancing and advanced reliability for optical fiber deployments.
Multiple Antennas built into a single device serve to save space on towers and unify antenna installation, using fiber optic connections.