Wireless Networking & Management

Wireless Networks, otherwise known as WiFi, is the technology used to connect a computer or mobile device to an IP network over the air, using RF (radio) technology.

Wireless Netyworks VancouverWiFi is used in a variety of environments from small coffee shops or department stores, to an entire city radius. There are no boundaries with respect to this innovative technology.

At UnixWorx Systems, we have the knowledge, tools and resources to enhance your wireless experience:

  • Enhanced WiFi Antennas:
    We have a close working relationship with Comprod Communications; a Canadian company that manufactures antennas for all types of communications.  The Comprod WiFi Line of antennas include low profile designs coupled with high gain output.  Perfect for in-building solutions where space is limited to a premium.
  • Enhanced Security:
    Wireless Security is becoming more of an issue as cities and large communities turn to wireless networks.  There's only so many wireless channels to choose from and once that spectrum is absorbed, the security challenges have only begun.  We work to help alleviate as many of these challenges as possible, while maintaining your wireless network at optimal speeds.
  •  Compressed Bandwidth:
    Working with our great partners at RAD Wireless Solutions allows us to take advantage of some of the latest technology in wireless data compression while maintaining best of breed speed and throughout.


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