Glenn's Blog Feb 17 2018 - IP Subnet Calculators...

Checkout BitCricket
IP & Subnet Calculators are a necessary tool for anybody configuring or working with a network.  Today, I embarked on a search to find the BEST ones out there. 

What I was looking for, ideally, was a desktop install (Ie, an actual APP for my desktop).  I tried a few.  Some were complicated, while others worked exactly as I needed:  My included wishlist was a print-out of the Subnet, Network & Broadcast IP configurations.

In my case, I needed to figure out a network address to setup a Ubuntu box that was assigned a static IP.  I had the IP & Netmask, but needed to figure out the network [IP].  Now, anybody who works with networks already knows the network address is the lowest number in the subnet and the broadcast is the highest number... but I wanted a calculator to confirm that for me.
Here are the two I found to be the best:

The Online IP Subnet calculator listed HERE was the best online calculator I found. 

The other one I found was BitCricket - an installable APP that runs on windows 10. It's one of the best calculators I've yet to find.  Unfortunately, finding support from Bitcricket may be a bit hard, as somebody stole (HIJACKED) their domain name and has posted it for sale at  Nevertheless, it's great sauce and something worth using ! 

Download Bitcricket IP Subnet calculator