Li Fi Over Light

We've all heard about it, but have you actually tried it, tasted it and felt it? (Well, you can't really feel it, but let's pretend anyway :-) )

This is awesome... just in from our Bud David; he sent me this article on Wireless Transmission over Light using LED's. Apparently nothing new (new to me), but it takes a read over to digest this fantastic new technology.

To the credit of TuxDiary, here's the article: After Ethernet and Wi-Fi, scientists have come up with Li-Fi. The working principle is very simple: blinking LED lights can work as signals with different meanings and the signals can be fed into a bunch of LED lights by a single controller. All digital data is binary in nature. The ON state of a LED signifies 1 and the OFF state 0. That’s the base of this innovation. Li-FI is the successor and optical version of today’s Wi-Fi wireless transmission technology. Light travels very fast and LEDs come cheap. Li-Fi is approximately 100 times faster than WiFi. The concept of Li-Fi is not new, scientists were working for years. However, this is a major breakthrough. It was tested in an office by Estonian start-up Velmenni, in Tallinn.

Advantages It can achieve 10Gbps speed theoretically, which means you can download HD movies in 30 seconds! Low cost LEDs used as building blocks Fast and simple principle of transmission Li-Fi bandwidth is 10,000 times that of radio waves

Practical use Buy a suitable Li-Fi LED lighting (transmitter) Add Li-Fi key to device to connect